Onshore Nitrogen Services

  • Nitrogen Unit operates from a trailer chassis by use of conventional container connections.
  • Trailer includes All Around walk a ways for easy and safe access. 
  • Treating Iron and appendices are fixed mounted underneath trailer chassis covered and protected against season conditions.
  • The Unit control cabin is now integrated providing a ergonomic operating environment during all conditions.
  • Compact trailer design for easy access to small locations. 


  • The Detroit engine equipped with Zone II exhaust cooling and engine shutdown systems for on- and offshore usage.
  • The unit is noise level tested according ISO 3746. Acoustic enclosure to be rated for 80 dBA.

Cryogenic Pump

  • The CS&P triplex high pressure pump, driven by a Denison hydraulic motor.
  • Maximum output flow 10.200 Nm3/hr.
  • Maximum operating pressure 400 bar(g).
  • Liquid Nitrogen connections: NIT 150 & 3” EIGA.