Offshore Nitrogen Services

  • The Unit Control Cabin is now integrated pro- viding an ergonomic operating environment during all conditions.
  • Cabin Heating.
  • Chair and desk.
  • Adjustable shutdown for max work Pressure.
  • Adjustable remote sensing shutdown for temperature and pressure
  • Connections for external DAS systems.


  • Four Stroke Detroit Series 60 engine rated @ 500 BHP equipped with Zone II Pyroban 3GP gas cooling system. And shutdown system.
  • Acoustic enclosure to be rated for 80 dBA.   

Cryogenic Pump

  • CS&P triplex high pressure pump with 1 5/8” cold ends, driven by a M24 Denison hydraulic motor.
  • Maximum output flow: – 85 SCM per minute @ 400 Bar.
  • Maximum operating pressure: – 690 Bar.
  • Liquid N2 connection NIT 150.
  • Discharge connection 2”1502 WECO.