Cerberus for Coiled Tubing is the world’s leading commercial coiled tubing modeling software, providing solutions to today’s difficult coiled tubing, job design and monitoring challenges. First introduced in 1995, Cerberus for Coiled Tubing is relied upon by dozens of service companies and operators throughout the world.


  • Job design tools
  • Fatigue life tracking
  • Tubing forces model
  • Tubing stress limits
  • Hydraulics simulation
  • String design and selection
  • BHA configuration
  • Job reporting
  • Asset management
  • Real-time job monitoring


Cygnus for Coiled Tubing (CT) is a purpose-built data acquisition system consisting of a hardware controller, Cygnus™ software, and several optional customizations and upgrades.

Cygnus is used to:

  • Store an accurate record of all CT events.
  • Automatically record depth and pressure information for fatigue tracking in Cerberus.
  • Perform real-time monitoring at the wellsite. If something unexpected happens, use the inputs in Cerberus to model the situation and pick the best possible course of action.
  • Print customizable reports accurately detailing the events of the job.