Injector Head Details

  • EWS utilizes the latest types of Coiled Tubing injectors (Hydra-Rig) available to the market.
  • Including a stabbing winch for easy and safe control when inserting the Coiled Tubing minimizing climbing and reducing Rig-up time.
  • Designed for 80.000 lbs of continuous pull and 40.000 lbs snubbing capacity
  • Designed to run sizes from 1 ½” up to 3 ½” Coiled Tubing.
  • Variable Gearbox ensuring smooth ROP & speed control for UBD and other speed applications.
  • Easy change of gripper inserts in case “Quick connect” 5 seconds to remove or install gripper blocks.
  • Hardened and grooved single piece grippers to avoid “slipping” from pipe.
  • Depending on size Coiled Tubing either to be ran with a 72”or a 100” gooseneck.
  • Electronic load cell.
  • Injector installed with Dual spring pressure released brake system.