For the first time ever in Russia, 30-stage Hydraulic Fracturing was performed by EWS LLC

An operation with such characteristics has been performed in Russian oil and gas industry for the first time ever. Its implementation became possible due to use of new technologies. 30-stage hydraulic fracturing was carried out in a record-breaking for Yuzhno-Priobskoe field, horizontal section of the well, with a length of 1,5 thousand meters and a total length of well over 4,6 thousand meters. The depth of oil reservoir is more than 2,6 thousand meters. Isolation of intervals where frac has been already done, is achieved through the use of reusable packer (a device for sealing the individual zones of the well), running down on coiled tubing. 1,2 thousand tons of proppant have been used to carry out 30 stages of hydraulic fracturing. Also as a distinctive feature for the well was cementing of wellbore horizontal section along its entire length, thus improving the efficiency of fractures control due to their separation with cement ring.

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