EWS company follows the highest standards of quality, health and safety of our employees, customers and contractors, as well as environmental protection. Current company policies, standards, and programs help achieve these goals.

The main task of EWS company is the zero level of injury rate, professional diseases equipment damages and environment influence.

The Company has developed local policies, regulations, specifications and technical documentation to build the system of employees’ life and health safety during work activity.

The company’s employees with their personal example prove the commitment to the HSE regulations and increase the Company’s well-being. All the actions of employees aimed to the main company goal that is zero point regarding the accidents, fires, road accidents, emergencies.

Our main priorities are:

  • Constant perfection;
  • Reduction to “zero” personnel and environment risks, related to the implementation of works;
  • Providing high quality services that meet the customer’s needs;
  • Planning and exchanging information;
  • Leadership and commitment to the QHSE management ideas;
  • Compliance with existing legislation;
  • Constant studying.

9 local regulations of labor safety, industrial safety and road safety

Today company has 9 local regulations of labor safety, industrial safety and road safety – that are obligatory: 

  1. EWS Policy of in relation to the alcohol and drugs at the workplace;
  2. EWS Regulation to conduct unscheduled alcohol and drugs inspections;
  3. EWS Policy against smoking;
  4.  EWS Policy on the organization of road safety and travel management;
  5. Regulation on notification of accidents and operational communication with specialists;
  6. EWS Policy in the field labor safety and the environment;
  7. Order of organization and work with increased risk in EWS;
  8. Regulations on production control in EWS; 
  9. Safety management system in EWS. 

Constant compliance with HSE requirements is the key indicator for the success of our business

EWS ISO-14001
EWS ISO-9001
EWS ISO-18001