CT Drilling

Underbalanced Side-Track Coil Tubing Drilling – this technology applies on the wells, where it is necessary to minimize damage to the formations.

EWS can offer the latest technology for CT directional drilling.

CT drilling is a proved method of drilling vertical and directional wells. CT string with PDM is used instead of traditional compound tubing. Either under- or overbalanced drilling can be performed.

“Intellectual” bottom-hole assembly and telemetric data acquisition allow the operator to define the direction for moving a drill bit.

In comparison with the traditional drilling, CT drilling is more economically efficient way of well drilling.

Benefits of CT drilling

  • No joints, shorter duration of round trips, fast rig up/down.
  • Continuous circulation during RIH and POOH/round trips.
  • Ability of easy under- or overbalanced drilling.
  • High rate of building up a drift angle – up to 10 degrees per 10 meters.
  • Small OD of the string and BHA is ideal for recurrent entering the well for cutting side windows in casing strings.
  • “IntelleCT” automatically controlled BHA and monitoring of the BH parameters in real time.
  • Less surface area required, less expenses for drill plot preparation.
  • Less personnel, lower HSE risks.
  • Closed operations cycle – less environmental impact.